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Historical narratives, past and current, personal and universal, are woven throughout my projects to create and question paradigms and relationships. Underlying themes of transition, invisibility, and identity influence my past and current works. Some of my projects explore the discord between constructed memories and “factual” memories, question “expected norms” in public and private spaces, and tweak the fine line between the ritualistic and the quotidian.



Working across various media, including photography, video, sculpture, and sound, I allow each project and its ensuing process to dictate the medium that I use to communicate. Because the content and message of each work drives my process and the resulting “product,” I allow the ideas to “talk to me” in order to get a better understanding of the next course of action. Throughout the process of creating a piece, the ideas, in the form of the content and the message, continue to “talk to me” and drive the direction and format of the project.



The trickster, a common figure in a wide range of traditional folklore and mythology, is a constant shapeshifter, who both creates and obscures realities. The trickster motif has close associations with representation, identity, and social invisibility. My work explores the dialogue between the trickster and empowerment, invisibility, mobility, and identity.

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